Grow Rooms

Grow Room Dehumidification Systems by Dryaire Systems protects your indoor farming and cannabis grow facility and helps maintain the precise amount of moisture needed to produce the perfect crops.

Humidity doesn’t care if you’re a basement hobbyist or the biggest, commercial cultivator on the block. It will demand to be managed if you want to have a great indoor grow. A number of factors play a role in controlling humidity: room temperature, number of plants, how much you water. Ultimately, every indoor grower is going to need at least one dehumidifier.

Grow Room Dehumidification Systems

Your indoor farming or cannabis grow room has to have precise control of the amount of moisture in the air so that you manage vapor pressure deficit, or VPD, and relative humidity. Too much humidity and the wrong VPD can create plant stress, or encourage an epidemic of gray mold, powdery mildew, or pests — which is why you need to invest in a Dryaire Dehumidification System today! The environment in a modern cannabis grow facility is dynamic, fortunately there is equipment out there when properly applied that can protect the crops from mold and mildew while maximizing crop yield and the growers return on investment.

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