About Us

Dryaire Systems, Located in Germantown, Wisconsin specializes in Commercial, Residential and Grow Room Dehumidification Systems. Over the years, the design group and technical staff at DryAire Systems have gained the confidence and recognition working collectively with engineers and architects. Our extensive field experience has addressed many industrial and commercial applications with proven performance and reliability. We offer you true benefits of this experience.

100% Energy Efficient

The DryAire Systems is designed to be energy efficient by transforming latent heat from water evaporation into a sensible heat value, contributing 1,000′s BTU’s/per hour of free heat that can be recycled again and again as usable heat for the space.
In addition, 100% of the electrical energy required to operate the systems is also converted into sensible heat, resulting in a substantial reduction of space heating and energy cost.

Total System Comfort Control

The DryAire unit features an automatic change-over temperature control thermostat. When the relative humidity rises in the space, the de-humidistat will start the dehumidifier. The auto-thermostat checks the room temperature and compares it to the active set-points. The thermostat will transfer from heating mode to cooling mode maintaining the desired temperature automatically, without unnecessary adjustments.

Simple & Easy Installation

Savings of up to 50% in installation time can be achieved when compared to most other brands. Design flexibility allows the DryAire system to be remote mounted away from the controlled space with conventional supply and return air ducts. Or, if conditions exist where the building structures will not allow ductwork, the dehumidifier will function as a non-ducted (free-blow) system.